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Phil Holland is a Director and Cinematographer based out of Los Angeles, California. With a passion for high quality compelling motion picture content and a keen interest in state of the technology Phil has shot exclusively in the 4K and 4K+ arena for several years. In 2016 he went "all 8K" and has been a pioneer on that new visual frontier. He primarily works in the world of Feature Films, Commercials, UHD Broadcast, and VFX heavy productions and recently has been shooting the highest quality aerial cinematography around the globe for several clients. Prior to becoming a full time Cinematographer Phil worked at Rhythm and Hues Studios from 1999-2010 as their Digital Imaging Specialist; a job he created that focused on Photography, Cinematography, Digital Color, Film Scanning, Laser Recording, and other more creative aspects of production for various films and studios.

Phil also contributes to the Motion Picture Industry in furthering the advancement of technology and contributing to the education of aspiring industry professionals. He served as instructor at The Gnomon School of Visual Effects for 5 years in between production work. He also occasionally instructs at REDucation and slightly more intermediate RED Camera Workshops. In 2015 Phil wrote and released the RED DSMC Field Operations Guide, a practical guide to working with RED cameras. Over the years Phil has instructed Quick Sketching and Character Design at various Gnomon, ConceptArt.Org, and Massive Black workshops as well.

Feature Film Credits:


Client List:

Universal, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Sony Pictures, Disney, Dreamworks, Lionsgate Films, New Line, Discovery, SciFi, NBC, Activision, EA, THQ, Marvel, DC, Walden Media, Gentle Giant Studios, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Mercedes, Logan Media, ILM, Double Negative, Digital Domain, Rogue Studios, Massive Black, Tao Films, Rhythm and Hues Studios, LG, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Nanosys


Notable Visual Effects Accomplishments:

- Contributed to Academy Award Winning and Nominated Films (Narnia, Golden Compass, Life of Pi)
- Created and programmed unique tools to automate Scanning and Recording of Motion Picture Film.
- Developed software, pipeline, and performed Digital Color Correction and Grading.
- Developed Cross Polarized Texture Photography pipeline and standards
- Created and programmed "PanOrganizer" rigs and software used for on set HDRI capture for image based lighting.

Notable Awards:

- Best Cinematography "Illusion" - Beverly Hills Film Festival 2013
- Best Cinematography "Addicted" - Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood 2013

Notable Educational Efforts:

- 2004-2013: Various National and International ConceptArt.org Workshops - Sketching, Character Design, Motivational Speaker
- 2010-2015: Instructor, The Gnomon School of Visual Effects - "Digital Imaging for Live Action, VFX, and Video Games"
- 2014: Instructor, REDucation Summer '14 + Shoot, Direct, Post
- 2014: Instructor, Advanced RED Camera Workshop - South Korea
- 2014: Instructor, Advanced RED Camera Workshop - Tokyo
- 2016: Instructor, RED/FilmGate Cinematography Masterclass - Miami, Florida


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